About Us

Corporate Information

Go localling is a global company whose values and services are based around the concept of World Globalization – Our term for this process is 'Gloaming' Different operators from all the continents are signed up as members to our Localling Forum who will then be a part of a network who supports gloaming as their roaming substitute. Gloamers will then be allowed to make and receive calls on their gloaming numbers at local rates of the foreign country they are in.

We offer the chance for interested operators to apply for inclusion in this exclusive Forum through our website, who will then be screened by our Go Localling Council to check for eligibility. Prospective users and customers are also welcome to periodically check our side to check fro special offers and updates and to subscribe for any numbers they are interested in.

Our belief

We strive to bridge the gap between the different classes in the roaming world.

It has long been the idea that international roaming is only for the 'Elite' in this world. We want to introduce the concept of 'Gloaming' which provides all the benefits of standard roaming with the added value of more affordability.

To us, it is of utmost importance that no matter wherever you may go you are never out of contact with the important people in your personal and professional life.

Cure your roaming issues.

Are you worry about roaming charges when using your sim abroad? Would you like to call without a roaming charge and receive calls cheaply? Golocalling has a unique answer! Using a Golocalling SIM card can make your mobile phone charges to local rates when travelling abroad.


Go Localling is an innovative concept to which makes the world of roaming more accessible to the normal individual. So far, roaming was a luxury that could be afforded only by the elite class and prominent businessman. For a regular person it has always been too costly to indulge in.


  • Address: Golocalling ,P.O.Box: 60446
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Email: support@golocalling.com
  • Website: www.golocalling.com