What is Localling ? : It is the process of Assigning a Local Mobile Number by a visited operator to a subscriber of a foreign GSM Operator when that subscriber enters into its territory. The local mobile number (TLN) is assigned to the travelers same SIM card without the need to replace it with another SIM card from the visited operator. Localling Terminology : It may be a new term added to people’s dictionary worldwide. We get this term from the word LOCAL in signaling which means to LOCAL MOBILE NUMBER or LOCAL EQUAL TREATMENT. By adding an '–ING' to the word [LOCAL] we are treating it more as an adjective than a verb and from there we can fetch more similar terms like Localling and Localler.

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The Process : When a GSM user turns on his mobile phone in a foreign (visited) operators Coverage the following takes place:
- The visited network detects a strange mobile phone in its coverage.
- The visited network identifies the strange mobile phones home network.
- The Visited operator assigns local mobile number to the SIM Card of the visitor.
- The Visited Operator sends SMS to the user informing him of the local mobile number.

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Same Sim

Get TLN : Traveler Local Number (TLN), also called Traveler Local Prepaid Mobile Number (TLPMN) is a temporary local prepaid mobile number assigned by the visited operator to the subscriber of another operator visiting its geographical coverage.
Same SIM : TLN (Traveler Local Number) is assigned via OTA (Over the Air) to the same SIM card of the Locallers home mobile number.

Global SIM

Global SIM : LOCALLING makes SIM cards valid worldwide. Users will no longer need to buy new SIM cards in every country they visit, just switching on their same mobiles when arriving to destinations and start using LOCAL numbers from the visited countries’ local GSM Operators.
Moving between HOME and LOCALLING numbers : Localler should be able to move SIM number between home and Localling mobile numbers.
Localler would only need moving to his home mobile number if needs to initiate a call when not having credit balance in the TLN.
Moving between TLN and original number should be made easy by entering a USSD code [*55*home country code# SEND] to activate home

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Localling Message

Once a Localler reaches his destination and turns his mobile phone on again, a message is received like the one below: Welcome to London, your local mobile number is XXXXXXXX, Buy Credit Filling Card from shops at the airport, for help call XXXX

Localler Benefit

Lower call tariffs (than standard roaming) on all outbound calls made with the TLN while traveling.
No inbound call fees on calls to the TLN number
The attraction of having a local number while travelling, while simultaneously retaining the home MSISDN for inbound callers who are not aware of the TLN
One phone, one SIM, two subscriptions


Go Localling is an innovative concept to which makes the world of roaming more accessible to the normal individual. So far, roaming was a luxury that could be afforded only by the elite class and prominent businessman. For a regular person it has always been too costly to indulge in.


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